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Sunday Mass at 10:00 and 12:00’the Pilgrims Mass

I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Yesterday I went to the 10:00 o’clock masss and as I was a little bit late had to stand the security person would not let me go tru but a few minutes later a woman left and he told me to go and sit. During the service, cameras and cell phone fotos are not allowed and if you do use them they kick you out, but when the incense burner is working there is no way to stop the pictures

The first is a video that I took of the botafumeiro at our mass. It is one of the largest incense burner in the world, it is swung by 8 men called tiraboleiros and they wear red costumes. 

Again this was repeated for the 12:00 mass

Pictures of last few days

House showing direction

Susie having breakfast in Segueiro

The first 3 pictures are in the enchanted forest on our last day to Santiago

When leaving Segueiro a 10 minute spit of rain that was not forecasted

Our gite in Santiago

Some of the Carefour people


Little train

View of cathedral

Santiago in the lobby of San Martin de Pinario where I am finally staying

Pictures on the train of the cathedral

The first picture if you can find the monument of Santiago

The two Marias in the Almedia Park

Monument and San Francisco Church that he ordered built over 800 years ago




Univ building the Auditorio

Park in front with pond, many different ducks and swan

Swans, the Auditorio

View from my window

Sunday and Monday

Sunday Oct 22The end of the Camino is always bittersweet, the walk is over and you have to say goodbye to new friends and the anticipation of going home after your many days away and preparing the next walks. Looks like I will be doing twi, Sicily and Alps

Susie left at 9:30, it is sad since we have been together on and off till Sept 1 and I have to stay here two extra days, since we had made reservations for Oct 21, 22 and 23 and could not cancel any of them but being here or in Madrid, I decided here was better. 

I will be attending the noon mass for pilgrims that arrived yesterday in Santiago and at 11:00 there are quite a few of them already here. The English mass is not available on Sunday and it is at 9:00 on Saturday and 10:00 for the rest of the week. 

The Pilgrim House is not opened Sunday, I was hoping to do laundry, instead did manually, the place look like a chinese laundry. 

This afternoon the plan is to visit the cathedral in depth and may be hit a few museums in the historical part of the old city, will go to the tourist office to find out. 

Monday Oct 23

Well the best plan did not come about, after mass went for lunch and after while walking to the tourist office met with Carmen from Malaga who I thought was with the Carefour people but as it turns out she started alone but the Carefour soon took over and they all became friends. It appeared that in addition to team building they were walking to raise money for cancer while none had ever suffered from cancer Carmen shared with them that she was a survivor, so they were very impressed with her and she shared with them what it meant to have cancer. After thst I was really tired went to my gite and was in bed by 9:30 and slept till 9:00am

Today I have to move to another gite since I had made the reservation two weeks ago. Went to 11:00 english mass but it was really at 10:00 so missed it and decided to skip the noon mass. 

There is a little train that does a tour of the old Santiago and decided to take it since it is both in spanish and english, it lasted 45 minutes, i knew most of the places where it went but always did while walking, very different because I did not know what the building were, now I have a better idea. 

One of the museum that I wanted to see is closed on monday and was not in the mood to see the cathedral museum, so will do some people watching while sitting in the sun in 17C weather, this morning only 6C

Day 34

Sigueiro to Santiago 16km
Left at 7:30 and arrived at noon, having stopped twice for coffee and 2 more times to get all the stamps required because on the Ingles they really want 2 stamps every day same as for the last 100 from camino Frances or La Plata. This time we waited less than 10 minutes because we figured everyone was at the noon mass and there were may be 10 people in line. Even bought my train ticket at the pilgrim office, this was also fast, better than to go to the train station

It was an easy walk to Santiago and we did not see any re-route via the N550 which suited us fine and the entry into Santiago went very smoothly and we did not get loss. 

We went to the 7:00pm mass, but started very late and then the priest invited all the pilgrims to stay after the mass for a little ceremony, Susie and I decided to stay but no one from the Camino Ingles were there. It was very nice, the priest led us in part of the cathedral that we dont usually see, it was very moving and a first for me

Me in the rain, last the time to put everything on since there was no rain in the forecast today, will do pictures tomorrow

Day 33

Meson do Vento to Sigueiro 24.8 km
At Hospital de Bruma we were picked up to go to our Pension 2 km away from the Camino. We left this morning around 8:00am still dark, was a pleasant walk, lots of road but also walked in an eucalyptus forest, very nice smell, then a pine forest also pleasant to smell after the manure that they put in their fields and two hours before getting to our destination we had rain, gentle but steady and at the same time there was a re-route, my guess at least 5km+ on a logging road for collection of trees and we entered the town via the industrial area and lots of traffic but we were lucky our Albergue is close to the beginning of the town right on the camino. We are told that tomorrow there is another re-route but will ask tonight about it. 

One more day and the fantasy is over and it is back to realty when we reach Santiago and its busy city with lots of people and cars


Mushrooms and more flowers

Sculptures by local artist

Susie and I with 6 feet tall Santiago

Cross with shell

One of our roads

Saint Pelayo never heard of him

Our spanish friends

Church with a shell

The chicas

Me and Atlas

My friend the donkey

Day 42

Betanzos to Meson do Vento 25km

We are being nice and leaving the albergues to the young spanish people walking since most dont have a lot of money. We have also noticed that the Carefour walkers are bonding, they no longer walk alone, mostly in groups and they are very friendly whenever we see them

Again started at 7:45 to get out of town with city lights and as yesterday we had to climb to get out of city, that was the theme for the day, up we went but were lucky enough to miss the long uphill to reach Hospital de Bruma, we never saw the old marking so we saved 4 km which was ok with us. Our notes said no bars, this was totally not true, we stopped at two and there was a third that we did not stopped at too close to one of our stop

Today we did get blessed with some rain, this morning on and off, at lunch we were in a bus shelter and a miss came up and one hour later a gentle rain, we reached our destination at 3:00 and the rain came heavier, tomorrow forecast about the same but Santiago should be sunny. Our host at the pension tells us that they had rain in July and that has been it, so they are happy with the rain. 

Sunrise as we are leaving Betanzos

Sheeps with all of their wool

Spanish coming

Me and my donkey, very windy and wet